Good quality resumes are as essential to high school students as they are to adults who are already working, or are between jobs. Adults usually have access to resume examples from their previous jobs, or even from peers, friends, employment agencies and also from high priced online resources.

High school students, however, encounter a hurdle when they are seeking out resume examples — they have limited resources available when searching for good quality high school resume examples. They do not have access to a deep pool of contacts or capital as adults do. This is unfortunate as high school students face much greater difficulties when attempting to craft a resume. Most of the times they often do not even have the basic familiarity with how a resume should be structured, or what it should mention in order to be effective.


This is where an automated resume builder helps since it can clearly illustrate what a good example of high school resume is. When a wide range of examples of high school resumes is made available to students, they can select examples that are best suited to their tastes. The usual examples of resumes seldom serve the needs of high school students, since these never highlight school activities, GPA, athletics etc. In addition, high school students by and large do not have meaningful work experiences that can be mentioned on their resumes. This mismatch between adult resume examples and high school resume examples makes it difficult to do utilize an example of an adult resume for a high school student. is a resume builder for high school students, it utilizes a questionnaire that is oriented specifically to high school students. It collects information about the high school student’s accomplishments at school: GPA, school clubs, athletics, hobbies and the like. This is then automatically filled into a suitable example of high school resume. The result is a clean and informative resume that is specifically oriented to high school students needs. The high school resume builder even looks for work experiences that are likely to be found among high school students such as mowing lawns, sitting pets or child care; while it eschews the experiences likely to be found on adult resumes.


In short, by using a resume builder for high school students, students can seek out and find good quality examples of high school resume examples.

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